Our Dream

To raise up and release leadership in all young people, across UK schools, to transform their world.

Our Values

Our leaders are self-aware as they understand their identity, individual talents, gifts and personality.

Our leaders are transformational and believe everyone can positively change themselves, help others develop for the better, and significantly impact their world.

Our leaders have integrity and understand that well-rounded growth is essential to effective leadership. The Lead programme engages every area of the participant's lives including their mind, emotions, spirituality and physical activity.

Our leaders are courageous and believe impacting society and communities is brave, open to experimentation, and at times failure.

Our Method

We offer schools a twenty week leadership programme that significantly develops leadership, confidence and character of students for all areas of their life.

We run shorter summary courses to suit school timetable needs (eg: 4 week block on Understanding Yourself)

We also run taster lessons and assemblies to introduce LEAD to new schools, in order to facilitate sign-up to our longer programmes.


Through role-models, teaching, resources and dialogue we give our students the tools to be exceptional leaders.


We encourage our students to try out what they have learnt, review their leadership with one another, and undergo effective reflective practice.


Our leaders gain the confidence and the skills to positively shape society.