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T: We have just finished a LEAD course in Boroughmuir High School, I just wanted to introduce you to someone who has done the course. So who are you?

P: My name is Priyanka Gopalkaje, I study at Boroughmuir high school and I live in Edinburgh, I am 16 years old

T: Amazing, so what do you get up to outside of school hours?

P: Well, on Tuesday I go to ski race training, on Saturdays I volunteer at the Ashley Ainslie hospital, I also attend math club regularly and I am an avid participator in competitions

T: How has LEAD influenced this stuff?

P: LEAD has definitely helped me bring out some of my best qualities, it has helped me to recognise some of the qualities that I wouldn’t have recognised on my own. It has built my team working skills and helped me to know my peers better.

T: What's the one thing you want to take away from this course?

P: Probably the skills I learnt during the bring building exercise becuase I felt that really helped my team working skills

T: Amazing, thank you so much.

Tamsyn Radmall

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