What the students say

98% of students would recommend LEAD to a friend

  • “I loved talking about our personality traits.”
  • “I enjoyed it a lot and loved learning what others think of me.”
  • “Very informative, builds confidence”
  • “It was inspiring”
  • “It was interesting, fun and helped me learn a lot about leadership.”
  • “Made me feel more secure in myself.”
  • “Helps to think more about qualities of leaders and that we all have the power to make a difference.”
  • "Lead has significantly built my confidence as a person and as a leader as it is so motivational"

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What the schools say


The content of the course was very good and applied well to pupils. Some of it was very interesting and I often found myself listening in!

Relevance to pupils

The course was adapted to suit S5/6 pupils and the aims were very relevant to the pupils. Many of them said that they wanted to gain confidence, be better leaders. I think they did get that from the sessions.

Style of delivery

The delivery was on power point, (without too many for the pupils to read) videos, quizzes, whole class and paired discussion. It was a relaxed lesson where the pupils had freedom to voice their opinions, challenge each other and reflect. The presenters were honest about their experiences and talked to the pupils like adults.

Engagement of pupils

Most pupils were engaged and Andy and the others were very good at encouraging them to reflect and voice their opinions to the room. Some pupils lacked confidence in the beginning, but were improving as they progressed through the course.

Caroline, a Chemistry teacher in a highly successful Edinburgh Secondary State

"[It was] rare to find a programme of such quality that genuinely looks to develop, identify and celebrate leadership skills in high school students."

Ross Rahimian, the Supports for Pupils Leader teacher at Tynecastle High School


"I have been so impressed with LEAD. The organisation and delivery has been impeccable but more importantly the pupils have been impacted positively by the sessions. Each pupil has gone away from the sessions knowing they have influence ... They have been taught to overcome obstacles and how to find their leadership voice. Would 100% recommend."

Kirsty Thomson, Broughton High School teacher


"A thoroughly well planned and delivered session that engaged our students throughout. The speakers were inspiring and motivating giving a strong message about the importance of self worth and how to make a difference . A really great session by Mary and her team at Lead.”

Mairi MacDermot, a History teacher at Royal High School in Edinburgh